Congrats! finally the place that receives and storage all of your online shopping is here, safe and easy until you are ready to pick them up or we will take them right to your door


Located near to the main touristic attractions in Manhattan:Grand Central,ONU, Times Square,Rockefeller Center, Bryant Park, Empire States etc. En Orlando:Universal Studios, Epco,Magic Kingdom etc



*Customer packages reception

*Email or text notification for every package received

*Packages will be storaged in a safe place

*Pick up and delivery available, you can either pick your package up or we can deliver it to your door


*Service available in NYC and Orlando, Florida


How it Works

1- Choose the combo that meets your needs

2- Once you have chosen your combo make the payment through PayPal. Please fill out the form if you have questions

3- Once the previous steps are done you will receive an email with a confirmation and you will be ready to start shopping 

4- Please email us the track number of your purchases so we can verify it when the package is receive

5- You will be notified of each received package by email or whatsapp along with a photo of the shipping label 

   We are waiting for your packages so let the shopping begin !


   Guardacompras Basico:  Maximo 5 Paquetes:   $ 35.00

   Guardacompras Simple:  Maximo 10 Paquetes:   $ 60.00

Guardacompras Integral: Maximo 20 Paquetes:  $120.00

Guardacompras Total:  Maximo 40 Paquetes:      $180.00

Pagos 50% al colocar orden y 50% al entregar sus paquetes

Precios aplican a paquetes hasta 15 libras.Favor consultar peso adicional

Conversion de Kilo a Libra: 1Kg = 2.20462 Lbs

Paquete extra: $5

$35 extra por entrega a hoteles fuera del area de nuestro codigo postal 10017

Tiempo maximo de recepcion de paquetes: 6 meses

Se acepta pago completo contra entrega para recepcion de paquetes en un lapso menor a 2 semanas


Our Mission

Guardacompras is an American company that will help you to save time by receiving your online purchases while you are on your way to your touristic spot.

We are the reception packages site that every online shoppers need, we understand that having a safe place where to ship and save your online shopping is important even more for travelers that shop before their arrival in their destination



Contact us


East 45th Street Suite 9A

New York, NY 10017

Please email your questions at

or fill the form :

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